Fall Fundraiser

YYSO-YES! Governing Committee Fundraising Philosophy:

Our philosophy about fundraising is to implement selected fundraisers that meet the following criteria:

1) Fundraisers keep our primary focus on the students and the music!
2) Fundraisers run for a finite period of time.
3) Fundraising is everyone’s responsibility.
4) Fundraisers, individually, must net at least $1,500 to make efficient use of everyone’s time.

Fall Fundraiser:

The Fall fundraiser is a student- and family-focused fundraising opportunity. This year, we will sell Butter Braid® frozen pastry dough! Please see the Calendar Tab for the sales plan. This product has been helping groups across the nation raise funds for 20 years. Butter Braid®s are available in cinnamon, cherry, apple, cream cheese, raspberry, caramel and blueberry cheese cake. Because they are frozen, it’s easy to stock up and enjoy them over time. Contact any YYSO or YES! student musician or family member to place your order today!

Ode to a Butter Braid®

what is a Butter Braid® one asks
what is the novelty
why should I spent twelve dollars
on a curiosity

why indeed what is the lure
and allure of the Butter Braid®
that hands pull wallets and write checks
in prepaid serenade

for the Butter Braid® at a first look
is not worth a second glance
still and frozen in its steps
a wallflower at the dance

jacket removed, it will not speak
arms held tightly to
no push or pull or prod or pinch
stands a chance of breaking through

left to its own devices though
the Butter Braid® has a plan
it gently thaws and activates
a multi-layered span

its arms relax, its layers rise
one by one by one
filled with yeasty exuberance
this is no docile bun

at the peak of plump the Butter Braid®
is ready to be baked
conversing with the oven
noses perk in double take

the oven cannot hold the news
of the Butter Braid®’s debut
aromas waft their magic wands
admirers begin to queue

the Butter Braid® dons a drizzly glaze
smiles at the waiting throng
and bowing gently, cools just enough
to sing its sweet swan song

(© B. McCann 2012)

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